Health + Safety

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  • Standard Health And Safety Signs
  • Hazards + Types Of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Warning Symbols
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Hazards + Types Of Personal Protective Equipment
Risk Hazards Personal Protective Equipment
Eyes Chemical / Metal splash, dust, Safety goggles, face shields,
projectiles, gas, radiation. visors.
Head Impact from falling or flying A range of helmets
objects, head hitting, hair
getting caught.
Breathing Dust, Vapour, Gas Disposable filtering face-piece
or respirator, breathing
Protecting The Body Temperature extremes, Conventional or disposable
adverse weather, chemical / overalls, boiler suits, specialist
metal splash, spray from clothing. E.g. High Visibility
pressure leaks. Entanglement
from clothing
Hands + Arms Abrasion, temperature Gloves, gauntlets, mitts, wrist-
extremes, cuts and puncture, cuffs, armlets.
chemicals, electric shock,
Feet + Legs Wet, Electrostatic build up, cuts Safety Boots / Shoes with
and puncture, falling objects, protective shoe caps and
metal and chemical splash. penetration resistant mid sole.
Warning Symbols:
Not Suitable For Children Under 3 Years (36 Months)
Irritant To Skin And Eyes

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Standard Health And Safety Signs
Health + Safety Signage Example
Prohibition Signs ­ These are used to prohibit actions to prevent
personal injury but also the risk of fire.
Mandatory Signs ­ This shows an action that must be taken e.g.
Wearing safety goggles.…read more


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