Government & Politics unit 4B Feminism, GENDER

Government & Politics unit 4B Feminism, GENDER

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Refers to the role and consciousness of women, which has been assigned to
them by society and which they learn themselves from an early age.
`SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION' (created by society not naturally)
Women learn womanly roles from an early age.
They come to expect that they will fulfil traditional female roles such as:
Child rearing
Caring occupations
Before feminism became influential women would typically aspire to be
nurses, while men expect to become doctors.
The female gender is considered to be inferior to that of men.
Women grew up accepting the fact that they would play an inferior role to that
of men in society. In fields such as:
It is expected that men fill these roles. (not a lot has changed considering the
amount of women in certain sectors, compared to that of men)
It is acceptable that woman were not expected to pursue a career, settling
instead for a lifetime of housewifely pursuits.
Gender roles have been transmitted in the past through educational practices
and the work place such as:
Domestic science and needlework for the girls
Woodwork and metalwork for the boys
Male bosses
Female secretaries

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