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God the creator
In the bible God is described as the creator. This is accepted without question rather than being a
matter of debate, but the nature of God as creator is most clearly seen in a few passages from
Genesis, Job, Psalms and Isaiah.
Within the Judaeo- Christian tradition there are a number of key things that are meant when God is
described as creator:
1. God causes the universe to exist
2. God is responsible for the universe coming into existence and existing at every moment
3. God is responsible for everything which exists within the universe.
The craftsman
God the creator is compared to a craftsman. God is also pictured as being in control of the sun and
the moon. We know today that the sun and the moon follow regular patterns of behaviour that are
explainable in scientific terms.
The important point in the bible is that god as creator is responsible for the world existing and for
everything in it that exists. In genesis 2 god making Adam from the dust is likened to a potter
shaping the clay.
God is in control
God as creator is clearly viewed as being in control in the bible. For example in Isaiah god is
described as siting above the earth and having the power to reduce princes to nothing. The same
idea of god being in control is shown through the genesis creation stories when God throws Adam
and eve out of the Garden of Eden.
Creation out of nothing
A key part of Christian belief in god the creator is that god created the world out of nothing. This
belief derives from both genesis and Job; Genesis because it records god creating the world and
people, and job because god is pictured as laying the foundations of the earth. This idea of god
creating the universe out of nothing is usually referred to as creation ex nihilo.
Human beings' place in creation
The genesis 2 creation story is concerned specifically with the place of human beings in creation.
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden are tempted by the snake and are thrown out of the garden and
punished. God is pictured as providing a paradise for human beings as long as they follow his laws
about not eating the fruit from the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Part of
the belief in god as creator is that he provides for human beings and puts them in charge of creation.
The beauty of creation
The bible pictures god as the creator of an ordered, beautiful and harmonious world. This is seen
clearly in the peaceful Garden of Eden before the fall of Adam and eve. For Christians the beauty of
creation reveals the creator.
Is the seven day creation story literally true?
1. Scientific research strongly suggests that the world is 4.5 billion years old and that many
species of animals, such as dinosaurs, lived and walked the earth long before humans or the
writing of the bible.
2. The genesis story appears to have adopted ideas from the culture in which it emerged. In
particular the genesis creation story many have been influenced by psalm 104, which many
scholars believe is a much earlier piece of writing that refers to the events of creation in the
same order as the seven day creation story.

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The genesis seven day creation story may have developed ideas from Canaanite creation
myths associated with the ancient city of Ugarit. In particular, god moving over the water is
an idea found in earlier Canaanite texts.
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