God As Creator EP/RE

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  • God As Creator
    • God's Characteristics
      • Omnipotence-All Powerful
      • Omniscience-All knowing
      • Omnipresent-Always present
      • Creatio Ex-Nihilo-Creator From Nothing
      • Craftsman-God edits materials already present
      • Source-God is that which everything originated from
      • Biblical Portrayals
        • Genesis 1-3:
          • Creation Story
            • 1. God created light and darkness
            • 2. God created Sky and water
            • 3. God created land from water
            • 4. God creates the stars and the heavens
            • 5. God creates animals in the sea
            • 6. God created land animals
          • Genesis 1-2,, Creatio Ex Nihilo
          • Genesis 3,, Craftsman
    • Judaism On God
      • Monotheistic-There is only one
      • Personal Connection-God is with them always
      • Covenant-A written agreement between Moses and God
      • Creation-God created the Earth
      • Abram (sic) left Ur (his hometown) for Canaan, finds God along the way
    • Aristotle's Prime Mover
      • Aristotle observed that the world was in a constant state of flux or change
      • He described this as being, "in motion" and as nothing can provide its own motion without an external force then there must have been a Prime Mover to begin motion
      • Like a Domino Chain
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