glossary of terms for acquiring culture.

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Unit 1
Phrase Definition
Cultural diversity describes a society which many different cultures
Culture the way of life of a particular society or social group
Customs Tradition forms of behavior associated with particular
social occasions
Deviance Rule breaking behavior
Ethnocentrism The belief that one culture is "normal" and others are
Feral children Children brought up with little contact with humans
Identity The sense of who we are
Instinct A genetic or biological code in animals that largely
determines behavior
Internalize Accept something so that it becomes taken for granted
Norms Rules of behavior in social situations
Primary socialisation Socialisation in the very early years of life, normally
through parents
Roles Positions in society such as "mother" or "police
officer". Roles are made up of norms.
Sanctions Actions that encourage or discourage a particular
behavior, such as smiling or frowning at a young child.
Secondary socialization Socialisation continues throughout life. Education, the
media, and religion are all important influences
Socialisation The process by which we learn acceptable cultural,
beliefs and behavior
Society A social system made up of social institutions such as
the family, education, law, politics, the media, peer
groups etc.
Sociobiology The study of similarities between the natural and
social world
Status Social position
Subculture A group within a larger culture that shares aspects of
that culture but also had some of its own values, etc.
Values Widely accepted beliefs that something is worthwhile
Consensus A general agreement
Functionalism A sociological perspective that focuses on the
understanding the different parts of society working
together to keep it running smoothly.
Identity The way we feel about ourselves
Social intuition A part of society such as education or the family

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Social integration A sense of belonging to society
Social order Patterns of shared and predictable behavior
Social solidarity A sense of community
Social structure An alternative term for the social organization of
Struturalist theory A theory that believes human behavior is influenced
by the organization of society
Value consensus An agreement among a majority of members of society
that something is good or worthwhile
Bourgeoisie The owners of business and dominant class in capitalist
Capitalism An economic system associated with modern societies
based…read more

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Beurocratic Based on rules and procedure
Consumption The use of goods and services, especially as part of
forming identity
Diversity Variety
Industrialization The transformation of societies from being
agricultural to industrial which took place in the 18th
and 19th centuries
Meta narratives The post modernist term for theories like Marxism
and functionalism which aim to explain how societies
Modernity Period of time starting with the industrial revolution,
associated with industrial, production, urban living,
rational thinking and strong central government
Nationalism Belief system or political…read more

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Underclass A subculture that exists outside mainstream culture,
supposedly characterized by welfare dependency,
criminal tendency and single parents
White collar workers People in the lower level of office work
Biologically determined Fixed by our physical make up
Canalization The channeling of children's interests into toys and
activities traditionally associated with their sex
Complicit masculinity Refers to those men who believe that roles within a
family should be shared
Crisis in masculinity The view that men who have been socialized into
hegemonic forms of masculinity are…read more

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Hybrid identity A new form of identity resulting from a mixture of
two or more influences
Institutional racism Racism that is built into the "taken-for-granted"
everyday life of an organization
Islamophobia Fear or hatred of Islam
Rastafarianism A religion originating in Jamaica and associated with
reggae music
Second generalization The children of those who migrated to Britain
Third generalization Group whose parents were born in the UK, but whose
grandparents migrated to the UK
Celtic A term used to describe the origins and culture of…read more


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