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Globalisation…read more

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Theories of Globalisation
Theory Do they like development? Additional notes
Hyperglobalists Yes- welcome Helps produce tolerant and
(+ globalists) developments responsible world citizens
Pessimistic Globalists No- negative phenomenon Superficial and
(- globalists) homogeneous mass form
of culture and
Traditionalists No- exaggerated myth Capitalism has been an
international phenomenon
for years
Transformationalists Take a middle ground Foolish to reject the
concept of globalisation
but the impact has been
exaggerated and the
process can be reversed…read more

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What creates globalisation?
Time-Space Compression
The use of technology to increase social relations
· Developments in ICT
· Social networks being developed and improved
· Transport technology
· Phone developments…read more

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What creates globalisation?
Economic markets and production
Growth of international trade and activities of trans-national
· Trade regulations reduced
· Cultural goods and trades increased
· Transport of good increased
· New international division of labour…read more

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What creates globalisation?
Increased cultural interactions
Role of technology in experiencing other cultures
· Internet and search engines
· Social networks
· Transportation
· World events (concerts and charities)
· Increased tourism…read more

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What creates globalisation?
Increased social problems
Economic, environmental and health problems
· Deforestation and exploitation of workers
· Acid rain and pesticides/ fertilisers
· Drug and sex trafficking
· Crime increase
· Gang increase
· Pandemics
· Global warming
· Social disorder…read more

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