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  • Globalisation
    • Globalisation and crime:
      • Caused by growth of communication technology, the media and cheap travel
      • Ideas, people and goods flow increasingly across international and national borders
      • Refers to increasing interconnectivity of societies around world, means an event in one culture imapcts upon others
    • Relative Deprivation & Globalisation
      • TAYLOR- Global capitalism created RD & Inequality causing crimes to flourish
      • E.G --PIRACY; in Nigeria--- way to cope with poverty------ globalised economy
    • Globalisation & Organised Crime
      • HOBBS AND DUNNINGHAM-- organised crime works on global level---- organised crime gangs are made p of smaller locally based networks with some global connections that are more flexible and opportunistic
      • GLENNY---criminal organisations developed a business model that is similar to globalised transnational companies
    • Globalisation & new crime
      • Castells---- new crimes developed due to increased communication tech
    • Crime & Globalised Capitalism
      • supply and demands of a global capitalist economy --rich countries in west demand products and poor countries step in to meet demands
      • E.G drugs and sex workers
      • created criminal opportunities for social elites and governments
    • Globalisation & terrorism
      • Individuals in strict Muslim countries may fear that country are becoming westernised----- some don't like as are aware of invasions from west
      • Resistance Identities---- means they become radicalised and carry out terrorist attacks
      • Organisation of attacks was possible due to increased communication tech---- internet & phones
      • BECK--- 'risk society' produced---where increased choice brought about increases individuals feelings of risk


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