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Timeline: The Making of the Modern World- Germany 1918-39
Hitler went to Munich, a city in Bavaria to study art
11th November- Matthias Erzberger, representing the new German government, signed the armistice for the
end of World War 1
December return of the German army to Berlin
6th January- 100,000 communists demonstrated in Berlin and took over key buildings such as newspaper offices
(inspired by the Spartacus League)
9th January- German Worker's Party (DAP) founded by Anton Drexler
15th January- Most influential communist leaders, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Leibknecht arrested and killed
February- Six moderate social democrats formed a council of People's representatives and organized the
election for the National Assembly to create a new constitution (Weimar Republic)
March- Freikorps numbered up to 250,000
28th June- The German Delegation signed the Treaty of Versailles
August- National Assembly drew up new constitution ­WEIMAR REPUBLIC
Hugo Hasse (one of Ebert's council of People's representatives) murdered
The Kapp Putsch
Reparations eventually fixed for the Treaty of Versailles by the Allies
Hitler created the Sturmabteilung (SA)
August- Matthias Erzberger (moderate politician) was shot and killed walking in the Black Forest
June- Walther Rathenau (Weimar Foreign minister) machine gunned to death in the streets of Berlin
Germany could no longer pay the reparations to the allies for the treaty of Versailles
Prices of goods in Germany reached spectacular heights [loaf of bread in 1919 cost 1 mark, now costs 100,000
million marks]
Hitler selected trusted members of the SA and formed his own bodyguard- the Strosstrupp (Shock Troop)
September- Gustav Stresemann was appointed new chancellor
November- Stresemann eradicated the mark currency and issued a new one called the Rentenmark [lead to a
period of stability]
November- The Munich Putsch
8th November- meeting of 3000 officials of the Bavarian government in a beer hall- Burgerbrau Keller (Munich)
The Dawes Plan
Hitler left prison
The Locarno Pact
President Fredrich Ebert is replaced by Paul von Hindenburg (the former marshal of the Kaiser's army)
27th February- Hitler re-launches the NSDAP
Hitler sets up a new party security group called the Schutztaffel (Protection Squad) or SS
September- Germany became member of the League of Nations

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Stresemann awarded the Nobel Prize
The Kellog-Briand Pact
25-points of 1920 was changed
The Young Plan
3rd October- Stresemann had a heart attack and died
October- Share prices crash on the Wall street in New York
Heinrich Bruning resigned from his chancellorship
The SS are introduced to menacing black uniforms
March- Hitler stood as a candidate for the presidential elections
April- President Bruning uses presidential decree to ban the SS and the SA
May- Hitler and Nazi party in the German Government…read more

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Hitler issued a secret memo declaring that economy must be reorganised to make Germany able to wage war
within 4 years
Niemoller sent to concentration camp and the PEL was banned
March- Jews had to register their possessions
July- Jews had to carry identity cards
July ­ Jewish doctors, dentists and lawyers were forbidden to work with white Aryan Germans
7th November- Polish Jew, Hershel Grynszpan shot a random German man called Ernst von Rath out of anger to
Nazis who killed his…read more


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