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Timeline: The Making of the Modern World- Germany 1918-39
Hitler went to Munich, a city in Bavaria to study art
11th November- Matthias Erzberger, representing the new German government, signed the armistice for the
end of World War 1
December return of the German army to Berlin

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Stresemann awarded the Nobel Prize
The Kellog-Briand Pact
25-points of 1920 was changed
The Young Plan
3rd October- Stresemann had a heart attack and died
October- Share prices crash on the Wall street in New York
Heinrich Bruning resigned from his chancellorship
The SS are introduced to…

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Hitler issued a secret memo declaring that economy must be reorganised to make Germany able to wage war
within 4 years
Niemoller sent to concentration camp and the PEL was banned
March- Jews had to register their possessions
July- Jews had to carry identity cards
July ­ Jewish…


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