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The Genitive Case
Der Genitiv…read more

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The genitive case is used to show possession, and therefore
replaces "'s" or "of the":
das Heft der Schülerin
Sometimes in German they use the dative to show possession:
das Heft von der Schülerin
You can also use "-s" to show possession, but only if the owner is
Chloes Heft
The genitive case is usually only used in written German; when
speaking, it is more conventional to use the dative (ie, "von").…read more

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Common Genitive Prepositions
Deutsch Englisch
anstatt/statt instead of
außerhalb outside of
innerhalb inside of
trotz despite/ in spite of
während during/ in the course of
wegen because of
After these prepositions, in addition to expressing an
ownership, the genitive case is used.…read more

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Genitive Case Endings
Group Masculine (Sin) Feminine (Sin) Neuter (Sin) Plural
1 des guten der jungen Frau des kleinen der jungen
Mannes Kindes Frauen
2 eines guten einer jungen eines kleinen keiner guten
Mannes Frau Kindes Männer
3 guten Weines frischer Milch kalten Wassers guter Weine…read more

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Common Genitive Expressions
Ende der Woche gehen wir ins Kino ­ at the end
of the week, we are going to the cinema.
Ich muss das Anfang des Monats bezahlen ­ I
have to pay that at the start of the month.
Sie ist des Mordes schuldig - She is guilty of the
murder.…read more

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Fill in the case endings of the following:
1. Das Heft ...... Schülerin (F)
2. Das Auto ............ Bruder... (M)
3. Der Titel ...... Film... (N)
4. Die Bluse ...... Mädchen... (F)…read more


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