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Geothermal Energy
Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas are non-
renewable resources.
there are renewable resources that can be gained
from the Earth, geothermal energy.
There are three main types of geothermal energy:
1) In volcanic areas
2) Hot Rocks ­ such as granites in Cornwall
3) Hydrothermal fluids in sedimentary basins -
Southampton.…read more

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Geothermal in volcanic areas
The water may reach 200°C.
This water either reaches the
surface as geysers or is tapped
into via boreholes.
In this example 100,000 Kg/h of
steam at 8 atmospheres
pressure turns 255 mega watt
turbines to produce 110 mega
watts of power.
Once the steam has cooled
and condensed the water is
pumped back underground.…read more

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Geothermal volcanic areas
As long as the
water is pumped
back this form of
energy is virtually
Other examples
occur in Italy, New
Zealand, Mexico,
Japan, Russia and
·In a potentially dangerous area.
·The steam can be corrosive and
·Not common.…read more

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There are hot dry rocks
where there is no naturally
occurring hot water brought
to the surface.
hot rocks are associated
with granites that contain
a higher proportion of
radioactive elements than an
average rock.
They therefore produce more heat and have a
steeper geothermal gradient 40°C/km.
Therefore it gets hotter quicker with depth.…read more

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