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Geography Final Points
Richter- Measures the magnitude, The preparation for volcanoes-
measurements are quantitative o Crating an exclusion zone
Mercalli- Measures the effects, o Being ready and able to evacuate
measurements are descriptive residents
o Good communication system
Why do people continue to live in danger
o Have an emergency supply of basic
· They don't have enough money to move
· They are willing to take the risk Prediction of Earthquakes-
· Good fertile soil for farming · Laser beams- to detect plate vibrations
· Mining of metals · Seismometers ­ Used to pick up on the
· Geothermal energy vibrations in the earths crust
· Tourism · Radon gas measured
· Attractive environment The preparation for volcanoes-
Prediction of Volcanoes- Educating people how to respond to
Gas samples- they produce sulphur an earthquake
before they erupt People must put together
Thermal imaging- the temperature emergency kits
around a volcano increases before it Earthquake proof buildings have
erupts been constructed
Seismometers- there are small Roads and bridges have been built to
earthquakes before a volcano as the withstand earthquakes
magma rises through the cracks in the
earths crust…read more

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Glass is sorted into colours,
60% of municipal waste
washed, crushed, melted and
reformed into new products.
65% of industrial waste
Cans are split into steel and
aluminium, melted down and Local-
Nuclear waste taken to Britain
turned into new products. o Energy saving light bulbs
or France to be processed
Paper is sorted into bails and o Loft Insulation
All waste is treated before it is
sent to the paper mill to be o Double glazing
put into landfill
turned into new products. o CHP systems
68 Incinerators
Plastics are sorted into their
160 landfill sites Green Dot
types, shredded and then
reprocessed. The symbol shows
· Local scale- Waste that cannot be recycled is that the
· British Gas is working with local sent to landfill or incinerated. manufacturer has
councils to improve efficiency. If CHP- contributed to the
houses implement changes to Combined heating and power cost of recovery and
save energy they get money off It generates the electricity recycling of their
their council tax bill. and then captures and uses product
· Aberdeen Council have installed the heat it creates and uses it
a communal boiler in a block of
flats. This is much more efficient.
· Wind turbines can be built at
schools and businesses to power
them. Any excess energy can be
sold to the National Grid.…read more


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