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By Katie C, Lottie and Melissa…read more

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· The Pioneer River runs out to sea through the city of Mackay, which is relatively
small in area, with steep slopes in parts of the upper reaches, the catchment of
the Pioneer poses a flood threat to the town.
· Flooding was the result of overland flow and levees have been constructed along
the banks of the Pioneer in response
· A monsoonal low has dumped more than 130 millimetres of rain over parts of
south-west Queensland overnight
· Therefore, at times of high intensity rainfall, the water drains quickly towards the
river by overland flow due to the steep valley sides. So the water overflows the
river's banks, as the water cannot be drained away quickly enough, thus causing a
flood.…read more

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Human Impacts
· Some 15 commercial premises and 30 residences had to be evacuated, involving a total
of 55 people.
· Power was lost to 6200 homes and mobile and land line communications were
· Overall the event is estimated to have cost $410 million in claims for flood damage to
private residences and $9.3 million for reconstruction of roads and infrastructure
Physical Impacts
· 150,000 cattle were killed in the floods
· Up to 20% of the sugarcane crop was lost in some areas
· 2 tonnes of topsoil and waste, some of it toxic, has washed into the bay is threatening the
habitat of dugongs and six species of turtles who eat the sea grass which is now covered
with silt.…read more

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The sites at highest risk are reefs close to the shore and close to the mouths
of rivers discharging flood water.
For example, the Keppel group of islands lies about 10km from the shore,
in the path of water rushing from the mouth of the Fitzroy River
Pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and sediment - mud - are washed off the
farms, into the rivers and then onto the reef.
The fertilisers do in the sea what they do on land - stimulate the growth of
But here, that is a problem, as the marine plants cover growing coral,
choking it to death.
The sediment also hurts the reef, blocking sunlight and covering the coral
fronds.…read more

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· 920 families were provided assistance through the Natural Disaster Relief and
Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) grants, totalling over $446,000
· The cost of restoration of essential public assets by the State Government
totalled $482,000
· A grant of $2.5million was provided by NDRRA to repair the Murweh Shireroad
· Support personnel from New Zealand and NSW were flown in to assist with
the construction of a temporary flood barrier put in place in 21 hours, however
there was no protection against flooding of Bradley's Gully.
· About 100 State Emergency Service volunteers, electricians, ambulance and
fire and rescue staff and two helicopters are being sent west and a further
4000 sandbags were bring flown into Mackay…read more


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