General ethics key terms

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ETHICS ­ Key Terms
Absolute ­ True in all situations
Applied ethics ­ how ethics can be applied to specific situations
Deontology ­ follows moral rules of principles
Ethics ­ a system of moral principles
Happiness state of wellbeing characterized by emotions ranging from
contentment to intense joy
Hedonic calculus ­ A scale on which good and bad effects of an
action can be measured
Hedonism ­ What is right is what brings the individual pleasure
Metaethics ­ looks at the nature of the language used in talking about
Naturalism ­ We can know what is right by observing nature
Normative ethics ­ Are there rules determining and defining what is
right and wrong and distinguishing between them
Objective ­ True for everyone
Pleasure A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment
Relative ­ dependant on changing circumstances
Subjective ­ dependant on the beliefs and feelings of the person
experiencing them
Teleological ­ Looks at the results of an action
Utilitarianism ­ What brings happiness or pleasure to the greatest
number of people


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