Virtue Ethics - This one Mollie

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Aristotle (Founder): Aristotle believes that all actions are based on an aim or outcome, which places him among Teleological Ethics theorists (Jeremy Bentham, Joseph Fletcher, John Stuart Mill). He proposed that every decision we make in life is in order to achieve an end goal, and each decision is linked to our "Ultimate Goal"

"We wake up because we choose to go to school, we choose to go to school because we want an education, we choose education because we want a job, we choose a job because we want good earnings, we choose good earnings so that we live well and can be happy" - 'OCR Religious Studies, Philosophy and Ethics' by Chris Eyre 

Eudaimonia (Component): For Aristotle, this "living well and being happy" was the ultimate goal of humanity. Theories such as Natural Law define the ultimate goal as a "union with God". 

But Aristotle listed three components of a term known as Eudaimonia which he defined as "Ultimate happiness for every individual, and for society as a


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