Just some rough notes I did exploring different areas, probably a load of spelling mistakes but can be changed/added to.

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The >BASED ON > Longest story of the MARQUIS > First person >Violence (reflected in taste for images >Around 19th century (use of trains >ENTRAPTMENT
Bloody BLUEBEARD collection >aristocratic businessman -unnerving, personal of sexual violence and mistreatment of etc) -Keys `the more I scrubbed the key the more
Chambe >Begins on wedding >Opens with feverish >symbolises patriarchal society opinions wife) >Journey Metaphorical (cliché) vivid the stain grew'
r night, marrying tone (SEE NARRATIVE) >introduced as bysterious figure, -innocent, naïve >Marriage (represented in symbol -moving away from Paris -symbol of norrators unforgiveable
wealthy Marquis, >Chronological order gradually gains identity (but never -recalling, retrospective wedding ring) `gold band' -leaving security of childhood disobedience
discovers hi >Recounting experience actually revealed) -more realistic, personal -female roles of mother, daughter and -concrete to abstract -magical element
murderous 7 major episodes with >associated with wealth pronoun wife interwoven -During Third Republic ­ known for -suggestion of sin
tendencies ­ he break in-between. `like a Christmas gift...' `Delicious ecstasy of -symbolises ownership f woman its corruption and decadence. >CORRUPTION
finds out she knows. -Non fluent -no emotion, just objects excitement' -marks end of childhood >Set in France `The lilies I always associated with him; that are
Saved by mother -Mark the passage of -simile -opens with feverish tone -portrayed equivalent to death -country of love etc white. And stain you'
who shoots the time >obsession with beauty `to join this -associated with love -challenges idea that men have `his lake-surrounded castle with its -Lilies ­ purity (narrator's innocence, Marquis'
Marquis just as he -add emphasis to gallery of beautiful women' -alliteration control over women torture chamber and captive virgins' sexual corruption
goes to murder her. significant moments -foreshadows events in innocent > Detached narrative >Innocence, entraptment `Away from -remoteness of setting creates -Traditional symbol of chasity and virtue (death)
The girl, mother, > TRADITIONAL remark perspective (puts reader at girlhood, away from the white, sense of vulnerability and isolation -Flower ­ fairytale context
piano turner all live NARRATIVE -alludes to original story of bluebeard distance from character's enclosed...' -Connotations of death (funeral) ­ foreshadow
together. HEA FRAMEWORK (typical of experiences) -colour connotations ending and control
fairytale) -metaphorical
subverts readers
expectations and
traditional values
The >BASED ON BEAUTY >Uses binary GIRL >Third person (apart from WEALTH, BEAUTY `walled, wintry garden' >MIRRORS (motif) `a pale hollow-eyed girl whom I
Courtshi + THE BEAST oppositions form (poor `her kitchen' `pauses in her chores' speech) >Fairytales `eat me....drink me...' -triplets, add emphasis scarcely recognised'
p of Mr >Beast steals vs rich, rich vs poor) -posessive language >Uses Carter's own voice to -Unlike fairytale, man remains sam e, -winter, more gothic -girl recognizes she as been changed by her
Lyon daughter in return of >Opening, foreshadows -patriarchal society, gender give gothic feel (`possessed' size and dog doesn't talk to him ­ `walk in the garden...fallen petals' experience
fixing a car. She and hints at the ending. -Isolation, fairy tales `unearthy' `nightfall' `died' unusual. Dog doesn't undergo -allusion of garden of eden
becomes guest of Features ideal of >only naed Beauty ­ youth is emphasised `ruined') anthropomorphic transofmraiton. -paradise regained and redemption >WEALTH `the chandelier tinkled a little, as if
beast. Leaves to join matrimonial harmony `his girl child' -reader feels a sense that >Marriage ­ represents social (acceptance of nature's emitting a pleased chuckle'
father and finds out `made all of snow' this is Beauty's story conventions imperfections) -imagery
beast's dying. She -metaphorical, rights of passage >Acceptance `the lamb must learn to -image of happiness suggests an -wealth
returns to save him, -COLOUR CONNOTATIONS run with the tigers' acceptance of nature's imperfection -personification
humanity is revaled. BEAST -characterises men and women with
HEA `he went on all fours...' animalistic stereotypes
-exaggerated qualities (shocks) -implies women must change if they
-ANTHROPOMORPHISATION + are to challenge male dominance
TRANSFORMATION -foreshadows tale's resolution
Puss in >BASED ON PUSS IN >Short sentences, add PUSS `he's a cat of the world, `Merrrrrrrrrci' LOVE, PRIDE, ARROGANCE, OBEDIENCE, `Merrrrrrrci' Bawdy and murderous adultery of anarchic
Boots BOOTS humour cosmopolitan, sophisticated' -french/Italian (prestige PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY -French setting? heroes
Cat moves in with >Foregrounds idea of -despite crude nature, positive sophi) SEXUALITY `what lady in the world can -language of love etc
owner and helps to love throughout the adjectives >1st person perspective say `no' to...a fine marmalade cat?'
make money by story (entertaining) -rule of three, emphasis >interrupts himself -insensitive brggart
cheating at cards, `Love' `and she smiling' `liberally do the citizens deluge me with >voice of character CRUDE MAN, WOMAN AND NATURE
until man falls in pails of the freshest water, vegetables...' `I went about my abulations, >Anticipating `vernal hint of spring'
love with woman -thinks highly of himself but citizens tonguing my arsehole...'
who is kept in a show opposite ­ irony -realistic
tower by husband OLD HAG `...snaps the old hag, with one -unusual for reader
who mistreats her. tooth in her mouth' -ANTHROPOMORPHISM
Cat plays card tricks -implies that he never does anything (but >Only story with masculine
on husband, and actually does everything) narrative
kills old man along -substitute of patriarchal figure in the
with tabby cat. story, acting a guardian of his property
The Erl Young woman goes >Simple shape to tale ERL KING `he strips me to my last >Irregular narrative ­ >Nature ``when the withered black `brass coloured' `sulphur yellow' ENTRAPTMENT `enclose' `trapped' `once you are
King into woods and is >Shifts between past, nakedness...pearlised satin, like a confusing for the reader berries dangled like their own odour `nicotine stained' inside it, you must stay there until it lets you out
seduced by the Erl present and future skinned rabbit' -reflects confusion of the spooks on the discoloured brambles' >Visual again' `it is easy to lose yourself in these woods'
King. Fall in love but -grotesque girl when she's in the woods -carter plays with paradow -sense of identity

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­dream like >Opens in 3rd P (shows that -ghostly >Evokes the transition from autumn -transgression
tha the plans to into one narrative rapture (translating, transformative) can happen to anyone `the -Erl King personifies nature to winter (hard and dirty season) DEADLY PREDATORS `white, pointed teeth'
imprison her so she -disorienting and -enchants narrator clarity of the light that >'Old fiddle' with its broken strings >Idea of death drawn out USED AS A -real wolves or imaginary vampires?
murders him. Frees entrancing afternoon...…read more

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The >Adaptation of Little TRANSFORMATION WOLF `between the paws of the tender >3rd person `her father may FEMALS EMPOWERMENT `the blizzard will die down' POPPIES ­ suggest death
Compan RRH A young girl >Begins showing how a wolf' forbid her if he were home' `she is sure the beast cannot harm her' -liminal places DANGER `assassin'
y of portrayed as Red women is victim of the -oxymoron -get a better view of -girl has correct state of mind to deal -pathetic fallacy -portrays the wolves…read more

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