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Spanish Verb Tenses

Present Tense (er) (ir) (ar) e.g.
Yo (stem) +o (stem) +o (stem) +o Vivo
Tu (`') +es (`' `') +es (`') +as Vives
El/Ella/Usted (`') +e (`' `') +e (`') +a Vive
Nosotros/as (`') +emos (`' `') +imos (`') +amos Vivimo
Vosotros/as (`') +eis (`' `')…

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Spanish Verb Tenses

(Something that happened for a long period of time in the past of happened over an unspecified period of time, e.g. I
was looking for, I used to look for or I used to look)

Conditional (er) (ir) (ar) e.g.
Yo (stem) +ería (stem) +iría (stem) +aría…


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