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Sexual Reproduction
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· Facial hair
·Broad shoulders Girls:
·Increased body hair · Mature breasts
·Pubic hair ·Broader hips
·Mature genital organs ·Pubic hair
·Body more muscular
Adolescence is a stage
in which every human
goes through during
the teen ages. The
ages in which humans
start puberty is 11-12
years for girls, and
boys 12-13.…read more

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Reproductive organs/system
The Human genital parts are also known as
Reproductive organs, they play a big role in
reproduction. The reproductive organ for a These are the male and
man is called the `penis', and the female reproductive systems:
reproductive organ for the woman is called
the `vagina'.
Female Male…read more

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Menstruation A.KA. period
Tip: Be careful when using
Menstruation (also known as a a tampon
`period', is a cycle that happens
to girls/women between the
ages 10+ to the age 45-. This
cycle occurs every 28 to 30 days
but it can vary in different girls.
It usually lasts for 3 to 6 days or
more.…read more

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SEXual intercourse
Sexual intercourse for STRAIGHT
humans, is the act of inserting the
penis into the vagina, semen
(natural fluid from male testes,
containing sperm cells), flows into
the vagina in unprotected sex,
which means sex without a
condom! This act can get a female
pregnant, sometimes in the wrong
times and situations- for some.
Another reason for sex is pleasure,
which is the only case in some
Tip: always use a condom, have protected sex! It Can save your life
and your future!…read more

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Fertilisation- the joining of 1 sperm cell with a human egg cell this
happen in the oviduct tube, in the female reproductive system. If this
procedure is successful then an embryo will be produced and developed
as foetus and given birth to as a baby.…read more

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