GCSE Latin Nouns (OCR Higher Tier)

Tables of all the declensions needed for GCSE Latin (OCR Higher Tier).

Check out my other GCSE Latin grammar sheets, coming soon! I'm also going to combine them into one big compendium at some point too.

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Singular/plur Case First declension Second declension Second declension
al (feminine) (masculine) (neuter)
Singular Nominative puella servus templum
Vocative puella serve templum
Accusative puellam servum templum
Genitive puellae servi templi
Dative puellae servo templo
Ablative puella servo templo
Plural Nominative puellae servi templa
Vocative puellae servi templa
Accusative puellas servos templa
Genitive puellarum servorum templorum
Dative puellis servis templis
Ablative puellis servis templis
Singular/plur Case Third Third declension Third declension
al declension (masculine) (feminine)
Singular Nominative rex clamor navis
Vocative rex clamor navis
Accusative regem clamorem navem
Genitive regis clamoris navis
Dative regi clamori navi
Ablative rege clamore nave
Plural Nominative reges clamores naves
Vocative reges clamores naves
Accusative reges clamores naves
Genitive regum clamorum navium
Dative regibus clamoribus navibus
Ablative regibus clamoribus navibus
Singular/plur Case Third Fourth declension Fifth declension
al declension (feminine*) (masculine/feminine*
(neuter) )
Singular Nominative nomen manus dies
Vocative nomen manus dies
Accusative nomen manum diem
Genitive nominis manus diei
Dative nomini manui diei
Ablative nomine manu die
Plural Nominative nomina manus dies
Vocative nomina manus dies
Accusative nomina manus dies
Genitive nominum manuum dierum
Dative nominibus manibus diebus

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terry krigas

Very good resource for 1st and 2nd declension nouns.

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