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GCSE English: AQA Paper 1 Exam Guidance
Read the instructions on the front of the question papers, and at
the top of each section, very carefully.
Look over the entirety of the paper (front and back) in order to
guard against surprises.
Underline key words in the question, and…

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subheadings and pull quotes. Always think about their effects (PEE)
on the given readership.
Language (including the use of words, metaphors, similes, humour,
rhetorical questions, imperative and modal verbs, irony, puns,
emotive language, technical vocabulary, etc).
Comprehension (the ability to retrieve information from the text).
Read these questions carefully.

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Take five minutes to check spelling, punctuation and grammar very
Divide your time between any bullet points provided to help you with
this question.

Best of Luck!!

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