GCSE - English Lit Poems, S.A, C.A.D, Pre-1914

Carol Ann Duffy

Simon Armitage


Some is uncomplete, but could be used are a structure to fill in yourself.
Includeds basic information about various poems.
'*' indicates the key poems

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English Literature
Carol Ann Duffy
What? ­ A monologue spoken by Miss Havisham. A dark and disturbing poem about
rejection and bitterness ­ (woman left at alter- hates all men)
she is sour and continues to wear her white wedding dress while plotting sinister
revenges on men.
Language -
"Beloved sweet heart Bastard" is an oxymoron suggesting the characters conflicting
emotions. She loves him yet she hates him for what he did to her.
The use of colourful language helps to create strong imagery for the reader. The
metaphor "green pebbles for eyes" portrays her bitterness and jealousy towards her
liberated fiancé.
In the last stanza the imagery of her white veil is contrasted with a red balloon
bursting. The white veil represents her purity before the wedding and the red balloon
represents her anger afterwards.
The alliteration of "Balloon Bursting" in the final stanza helps to further emphasize
the characters anger.
Throughout the poem violent language reveals Miss Havisham's deep desire to harm
men. "I stabbed at a wedding cake" "suddenly bite awake"
"Noooo" and "b-b-b-breaks" could show the character is mentally unstable
Structure ­ 4 Stanzas ­ Regular ­ 4 Lines
Caesura - "Red balloon bursting in my face. Bang. " This could be an expression to
show the shock Miss Havisham felt at the moment of realisation that she had been
abandoned at the altar.
Monologue giving Havisham a realistic voice.
2nd & 3rd Stanza is a run on, which helps poem flow like normal speech.
Enjambment helps the verses to flow on from each other as if it is being spoken
aloud, adding to the monologue effect
Themes ­ Interesting characters, Evil, Love (gone bad), Death
Tone ­ Jerky, Aggressive, Bitter
Tech ­ Dramatic monologue, Jerky pace (disturbance) ­ Caesura in first line (jerky),
Enjambment, Clichéd images of marriage, Contradiction Oximoron (Beloved sweetheart
Voice ­ Miss Havisham, Woman left at the altar (Charles Dickens)
Feelings ­ Anger, Bitterness (wants revenge), Sadness (vulnerable, dumped on her big day)
Rhyme ­ No Rhyme
Links ­ Hitcher, The Laboratory, My Last Dutchess

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Anne Hathaway
What? - about the Love shared between Shakespeare and his Wife, Anne Hathaway.
The poem starts with a quote from Shakespeare's will "Item I gyve unto my wife my
second best bed" - meant to be a romantic gesture as guests always slept in the
best bed
Language ­
o There is an extended metaphor of the idea "Love is a language".…read more

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About how the duty of becoming a mother changed life for women, particularly
because mothers were expected to stay at home and look after their children.
This is a personal poem and we get the impression Duffy is very fond of her Mother.
Language ­
o "Your polka dot-dress blows around your legs, Marilyn" iconic representation of
Marilyn Monroe standing on an air vent. Sets the poem in the 1950s. By comparing
her mother to Marilyn Monroe she is suggesting her mother was, glamorous.…read more

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The language is sinister and can sound controlling ­ "The secret police", "Skidmarks
of sin" ­ Suggests pain the persons childhood.
o "Boom. Boom. Boom." Onomatopoeia and Caesura, making the voice sound loud and
maybe even angry.
o There is a defensive tone throughout the poem ­ "Nobody hurt you."
o "Nobody" is used on 4/5 stanzas, emphasising the person's defensiveness, also adds
a threatening tone to poem.…read more

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His torso frozen stiff, hugged to my chest, a fierce chill" creates powerful imagery
for the reader. The image of a snowman dark, cold and alone is perhaps a visual
representation of their mind.
If the snowman is a symbol of the speaker's mind then we can interpret him booting
the snowman "again and again" as a sign of the speaker's self destructive personality.…read more

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The last few words "to fall or fly" bring us back to the metaphor of a kite. Remind
us that children need to be freed in order to meet the challenges of their lives and be
Structure ­ The poem has three stanzas. Structure mostly irregular to represent the
uncertainty of leaving home and the emotional ups and downs.…read more

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The jacket could also be a metaphor of the warmth family life makes you feel.
Colour is important in this poem; the colours are bold to show the memories are still
The rhyming words "You see red. Blue murder. Bed" suggests that perhaps the
parents overreacted. The word red represents anger.
The repetition and alliteration "The very model of a model of a mother" could
mean the mother is trying too hard to be a model mother.…read more

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Holy-Robin-redbreast-nest-egg-shocker" is sensationalizing the language giving
the effect of a news flash, with alliteration. "Holy-roll-me-over-in-the-clover"
similarly has a sarcastic tone.
o Robyn is revealing Batman's secrets "how you took her down town with expenses
on the motor" He is fantasizing that he has replaced Batman, who is no longer
o "Now I'm the real boy wonder" Shows Robyn is in the limelight now.
Structure ­ The regular rhythm and structure aided by rhyming is contrasting to the
seriousness of Robyn's feelings.…read more

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Structure ­ The poem has five stanzas each stanza has five lines. The different lengths in
lines could symbolize how his thoughts are all over the place in his messed up mind. The
structure is unstable like the character
Themes ­
Tone ­
Tech ­
Voice ­
Feelings ­ Anger, Outcast
Rhyme ­
Links ­ Stealing, My Last Duchess, The Laboratory
*On my first Sonne
What? ­ A personal poem by Ben Johnson and was written in memory of his first son.…read more

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Written in rhyming couplets with an Iambic pentameter making it flow like natural
The end of every verse ends with caesura giving the poem a set rhythm and
structure.…read more


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