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Tatamkhulu Afrika: Nothing's Changed

This is an autobiographical autobiographical : An
autobiography is a text recounting the author's own life. poem.
Tatamkhulu Afrika (19202002) lived in Cape Town's District 6,
which was then a thriving mixedrace innercity community.
People of all colours and beliefs lived together peacefully, and…

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Of his own sense of identity, the poet said: "I am completely
African. I am a citizen of Africa I'm a son of Africa that is my
culture. I know I write poems that sound European, because I
was brought up in school to do that, but, if you look…

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Down the road,
working man's cafe sells
bunny chows.
Take it with you, eat
it at a plastic table's top,
wipe your fingers on your jeans,
spit a little on the floor:
it's in the bone.

I back from the
boy again,
leaving small mean O
of small mean…

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Picture courtesy of Mike

This makes him reflect that despite
the changing political situation, there
are still huge inequalities between
blacks and whites. Even though
South Africa is supposed to have
changed, he knows the new
restaurant is really 'whitesonly'. He
Inequalities between blacks
feels that nothing has really…

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Although he is recalling a past Picture courtesy of Shane
experience, it is as if the poet is re Thomas
living the experience as he writes.
This is one of the things that makes this poem vivid to read, and
easy to identify with.

The viewpoint in the poem is…

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Stanza 3 is another long sentence. Notice how the subject
of the stanza isn't actually mentioned until the end. What
effect does that have?
You'll find two very short sentences in this poem look at line 9
and line 48. What effect do these short, sharp sentences

Attitude, tone…

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Sample question
Read this question carefully. It is similar to the type of question
you will be asked in the exam.

Choose two poems which deal with the experience of
living between two cultures, and show how this experience
is reflected in the language of the poems.

Teacher's note…

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a little boy who isn't allowed in. He feels like smashing the

Examiner's Note:

l fair summary of what happens in the poem
quotation of some key phrases would have
l sharpened the description
l doesn't take in how the poem is written
l a D grade answer



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