Search For My Tongue from Different Cultures , Cluster 2

a breakdown of the poems from different cultures

Search For My Tongue Structure and Themes

Main theme: Conflict and Loss

First part of the poem lines 1 to 15

Explains the problem she is having facing her two languages , she uses imagery of two tongues in her mouth.

Middle part of the poem lines 16 to 30

When she dreams , she dreams in his mother tongue, this is the middle of the poem because its at the centre of her conflict.

Last part of the poem lines 31 to 38

Describes how her mother tongue grows back and its stronger.

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Search For My Tongue Language

In this poem the poet uses three types of language.

Conversational language

Chatty language with many personal pronouns. It makes it sound like she is talking to the reader.

Foreign language

In the middle, it shows us her mother tongue visually, and emphasises the difference from English.

Metaphorical language

The last part she uses more poetic language, using metaphors.

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Search For My Tongue: My Feelings and Attitudes An

Words to pick out

'tongue' double meaning of lost language or can't speak

'blossoms out' Metaphor of flower and nature in control of her mouth. Powerful image suggests the force of the nature.

'rot' 'die' strengthens strong image of death.

My feelings

In this poem i think overall it expresses well the feeling she has about her mother tongue and the loss of her identity. I think that line 38 'blossoms out' represents strong imagery of flower and the power of nature. I also think that in the first part of the poem where words such as 'I' 'You' etc. are used, really grab the reader and help them to connect with the poets feelings.

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Phinlay Brooker


This was Very useful , Thank you as it's helped clear up some confusion (:

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