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Chemistry Unit 3
By Freya Rowland…read more

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The Periodic
John Newlands
· Only knew of the existence of 63 elements
· Arranged in order of relative atomic mass
· Found similar properties amongst every eighth
element in the series
· Where there were missing elements he filled
them in ­ not logical…read more

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The Periodic
Dimitri Mendeleev
· Some had yet to be discovered
· Left gaps to accommodate eventual discovery
· Used it to predict the existence of other
elements…read more

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The Periodic
Table GROUP 1
The Alkali Metals
· More reactive as go down
· Lower melting and boiling points as go down
· React vigorously with oxygen and water ­ kept
in oil
· Alkali + water = metal hydroxide + hydrogen…read more

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The Periodic
Table GROUP 7
The Halogens
· Less reactive as go down
· Melting and boiling points increase
· Brittle and crumbly ­ poor conductors of heat
and electricity
· Gains one electron to form halide ion (-1)…read more

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The Periodic
Table GROUP 7
The Halogens
· A more reactive halogen will displace a less
reactive halogen from an aqueous solution of
its salt
· E.g. Chlorine will displace the bromine in
potassium bromide, making potassium
chloride…read more

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