GCSE Biology - Blood

A short and snappy powerpoint with images and diagrams showing the basics of blood for GCSE biology, gives explanations of different components in blood including white blood cells, platelets, plasma and more, I am on OCR but this powerpoint is good for AQA and other boards aswell.

Enjoy and I hope this helps please give a rating and comment.

Good LUCK!

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And it's components…read more

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Blood transports substances around the body
through the circulatory system.
Blood carries oxygen and glucose to the
muscles and takes carbon dioxide away from
them.…read more

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Blood is made up of lots of components:
Namely Red Blood Cells, Plasma, White Blood
Cand Platelets.…read more

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Their job is to transport oxygen from the lungs
to the rest of the body, they don't have a
nucleus so that they can be packed full of with
haemoglobin, a substance which binds with
They have a large surface area due to their
biconcave shape, this gives mean that they can
exchange more oxygen.…read more

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This liquid carries nutrients like amino acids
and glucose , antibodies, hormones and waste (
e.g. CO2 and urea) .
Plasma is 90% water, which is why it is a
liquid.…read more

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Help to fight infection by protecting your body
against attack from microorganims.…read more

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