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Jane Overton

G544 Section B Revision
Research Methods, Approaches and Perspectives, Issues, Debates and Past Questions

Summer 2012

1 ­ Research Methods, Debates and Approaches G544 June 2012

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Research Methods
Method 4 mark outline Strengths Weaknesses Best Example
Experiment - Hypothesis created and - High degree of control - High levels of control Loftus and Palmer ­
tested to find out over extraneous lead to low ecological eyewitnesses testimony
answers variables leading to the validity e.g. Loftus…

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- Make use of past their present behaviour - Can only tell you about them in detail, but lacked
records, school and e.g. Freud one person, which means generalizability
health records, and - Because we are the findings can't be Watson and Raynor ­
asking the participant studying more about…

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can be qualitative or manipulate factors which
quantitative may affect the
-useful in social behaviours examined in
psychology observation (extraneous
variables) e.g. Piliavin -
Reliability (define this!) is
another problem in this
study because of
observer bias, but this
can be improved by using
inter-rater reliability
(when two observers are…

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-Qualitative Data interpret them e.g. Palmer Loftus and Palmer ­
and Connelly questionnaire to
establish effect of
critical question.

Approaches and Perspectives
Approach/ 4 mark outline Strengths Weaknesses Best Example
Perspectiv Studies
Social - Assumes that our - Helps us to explain - Only gives one explanations of Milgram…

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Asch ­ behaviour
determined by the social
situation we are in and the
behaviour of others
Nemeth and Wachtler -
behaviour determined by
the social situation we are in
and the behaviour of others

Cognitive - Assumes that our - Mostly carried out in a - Mental processes are Loftus…

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as genes and hormones, basis of behaviour. Now on our behaviour into account, Dement and Kleitman ­
focussing on chemical clinicians can treat which as a whole is over Dreaming and REM Sleep
basis of human behaviour mental disorders with simplistic. Therefore it is more Maguire ­ Taxi Drivers

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personality etc. and the people's lives who had Hans is an individual and his towards conformity and ¼
as a whole questions the mental health disorders problems reflect his past remained independent
need to provide because the result that experiences. His phobia of a Gudjonsson FC Case Study ­

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Developmenta -Changes that take place - Identifies the changes - Longitudinal studies are 1. Piaget's Theory of
l over a lifetime that are common to difficult to control extraneous Development ­ Theory of
- Focusses on how most people and to variables which reduce the children's cognitive
behaviours are initiated…

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research being focussed - Many therapies have findings to everyday life e.g.
on objective come out of this Watson and Raynor had a highly
experimental techniques. approach which has controlled experiment
- Behaviour that helped to remove some - Children and animals are often
experiences more reward behaviours e.g. used…




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