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Research Methods
Method 4 mark outline Strengths Weaknesses Best Example
Experiment - Hypothesis created and - High degree of control - High levels of control Loftus and Palmer ­
tested to find out over extraneous lead to low ecological eyewitnesses testimony
answers variables leading to the validity e.g.…read more

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Make use of past their present behaviour - Can only tell you about them in detail, but lacked
records, school and e.g. Freud one person, which means generalizability
health records, and - Because we are the findings can't be Watson and Raynor ­
asking the participant studying more about the generalised e.g.…read more

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Piliavin -
Reliability (define this!) is
another problem in this
study because of
observer bias, but this
can be improved by using
inter-rater reliability
(when two observers are
used and they record the
same information and
compare) e.g.…read more

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Qualitative Data interpret them e.g. Palmer Loftus and Palmer ­
and Connelly questionnaire to
establish effect of
critical question.…read more

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Asch ­ behaviour
determined by the social
situation we are in and the
behaviour of others
Nemeth and Wachtler -
behaviour determined by
the social situation we are in
and the behaviour of others
Cognitive - Assumes that our - Mostly carried out in a - Mental processes are Loftus and Palmer ­ effect
internal, mental laboratory setting essentially private and this of the critical verb in a
processes are what which increases means they can be difficult to leading question
governs our behaviour reliability…read more

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Now on our behaviour into account, Dement and Kleitman ­
focussing on chemical clinicians can treat which as a whole is over Dreaming and REM Sleep
basis of human behaviour mental disorders with simplistic. Therefore it is more Maguire ­ Taxi Drivers
e.g. serotonin and chemicals or surgery appropriate as an explanation in Brains
depression, also looks at e.g. Sperry allowed us to only some cases e.g. Brunner et al Geer and Maisel ­
genetic basis.…read more

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Hans is an individual and his towards conformity and ¼
as a whole questions the mental health disorders problems reflect his past remained independent
need to provide because the result that experiences.…read more

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Developmenta -Changes that take place - Identifies the changes - Longitudinal studies are 1. Piaget's Theory of
l over a lifetime that are common to difficult to control extraneous Development ­ Theory of
- Focusses on how most people and to variables which reduce the children's cognitive
behaviours are initiated understand and predict validity. development and how
and how they develop age related changes in - Research could be reductionist, thought processes differ
e.g. Freud and Little Hans.…read more

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Many therapies have findings to everyday life e.g.
on objective come out of this Watson and Raynor had a highly
experimental techniques. approach which has controlled experiment
- Behaviour that helped to remove some - Children and animals are often
experiences more reward behaviours e.g. used who can't give consent e.g.…read more



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