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Theory and Methods: FUNCTIONALIST
Introduction: modernism refers to period in history in 19th and 20th c western society ­
time of major tech, social & political advances ­ main modernist approach are
Funct/Marx/Social Action
Modernist theories (two main perspectives): structural approaches ­ aim to provide a
complete theory of society, begin @ the top & look down to individual parts & then
individuals Marxism ­ conflict theory ­ neoMarxism ­ functionalism ­ consensus theory ­
neofunctionalism start from the same position but come to diff…read more

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PARSONS may say society needs to resolve issues when in fact he means ppl
must act in a certain way to fulfil the needs
Claims there are 5 possible choices of action which would affect social behaviour
(pattern variables)
1. Affectivity/Affective Neutrality = either close interpersonal relatiosn or
limited interaction
2. Specificity/Diffuseness = relationships based on one link or many
3. Universalism/Particularism = rules expected to apply to everyone or
certain ppl
4.…read more


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