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Psychology Revision…read more

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Multi Store Model Memory
· Atkinson and Shiffrin came up with the msm.
· They believed it contained three stores:
· Sensory memory (SM)
· Short term memory (STM)
· Long term memory (LTM)
· These stores are what make up the model.…read more

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How does it work?
· Information is detected by the sense organs and enters
the sensory memory.
· If attended to this information enters the short term
· Information from the STM is transferred to the long-
term memory only if that information is rehearsed.
· If rehearsal does not occur, then information is
forgotten, lost from short term memory through the
processes of displacement or decay
· Information in the long-term memory can stay there
for a matter of seconds till forever.…read more

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Sensory Memory
· Duration: ¼ to ½ second
· Capacity: all sensory experience (v. larger
· Encoding: sense specific (e.g. different stores
for each sense)…read more

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Short Term Memory
· Duration: 0-18 seconds
· Capacity: 7 +/- 2 items
· Encoding: mainly auditory…read more

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Long Term Memory
· Duration: Unlimited
· Capacity: Unlimited
· Encoding: Mainly Semantic (but can be visual
and auditory)…read more

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Is it specific to AQA or general for all exam boards?



This is brilliant!! Thank you!

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