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The Fugitive Slave Act
1850…read more

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· January 1850 ­ Senator Henry Clay suggested
· Stephen Douglass and the 1850 compromise
legalised it.
· Development of the "runaway act" 1793.…read more

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· Aid given to escaping slaves was a federal crime
$1,000 fine and 6 months in prison.
· Omitted constitutional guarantees e.g. trial-by-
· Federal marshals able to raise posses to catch
fugitive slaves on northern soil.
· $10 for every conviction / $5 for every acquittal.
· Commanded public assistance "whenever their
services may be required."…read more

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Reactions - North
In terms of population
· Minority ­ price to pay
· Abolitionists ­ outrageous
· Moderates ­ morally
It created new opponents, because the idea of legalised kidnapping was
Nine northern states passed personal liberty laws in the 1850s.
Vigilance Committees aided slave escapes to Canada.…read more

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Important Northern Reactions
· Harriet Beecher Stowe ­ Uncle Tom's Cabin
· Jerry McHenry ­ 1851 Slave Rescues
· Shadrach Minkins ­ 1852
· Newspapers and posters often displayed
outrage to the Fugitive Slave Act.…read more

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Key People and Dates
· Under which compromise was it created?
· Were all northern reactions the same?
· Who wrote this book:…read more

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