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1. To document the case of Little Hans, who developed a fear of horses.
2. To support Freud's ideas about the origins of phobias.
3.To support Freud's ideas about the psychosexual development and the
Oedipus complex.
4. To cure Little Hans of his phobias.
Overall aim: To report the findings of treatment of a 5 year old boy for his phobia of
horses and to find evidence to support his theory of the Oedipus Complex…read more

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There were no variables; Hans was observed and interviewed and Freud proposed
conclusions about what his behaviour meant. This was not a scientific experiment…read more

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Longitudinal, Data gathered from self-reports
Case study method:
- The case study and analysis was carried out by Little Hans' father (who was a
friend and supporter of Freud).
- Freud met Little Hans twice, and only once was for an interview.
- The father reported the boys' behaviour to Freud via correspondence and Freud
gave directions as to how to deal with the situation, based on his interpretations
of the father's written report and conversations.
- Freud noted that it was the special relationship between Hans and his father that
allowed analysis to progress and for discussions to be so detailed and intimate.
Covert observation of Little Hans:
- Little Hans' behaviour was observed in his own home.…read more

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- A little boy (Little Hans ) aged 3 when the first reports were made.
- He was aged 5 at the end of his analysis.
- Hans' father had been making notes on the boys' behaviour for years and
sending these to Freud.
- Hans' mother had been a patient of Freud's and had met his father
though Freud.
- Hans was 3 ½ when his sister Hanna was born.
- At age 3, Hans had a great interest in his `widdler'. He liked to play with it
and his mother threatened that if he played with it too much the doctor
would cut it off. He was also interested to see what his parents' widdlers
looked like and was shocked to learn his mother didn't have one.…read more

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- Hans' mother: Hans spent a lot of time with his mother during one summer
holiday while his father worked away. Hans became attached to his mother and
came to wish his father would always be away.
ACCORDING TO FREUD: Hans developed strong (sexual) feelings for his mother.
(Oedipus Complex)
- Han's sister: (Hanna) Hans experience feelings of separation from his mother and
so was jealous of his sister. Hans also developed a fear of the bath around the same
time. Hans developed hostility for his father and sister who he had to share his
mother's attention with
ACCORDING TO FREUD: Hans wished his mother would drop his sister into the bath,
but then became afraid she might drop him in the bath instead.
- Hans' father: Hans developed a fear of horses which Freud said was linked to
castration fear- he was afraid his dad would castrate him
FREUD SUGGESTED: Hans' dad might look like a horse- however Han had also heard
someone telling their child `don't put your finger to the white horse or it will bite you'
and had also witnessed a horse and cart crash.…read more

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