French Writing - handy hints

This summary of tenses, handy verbs and useful grammatical techniques really helped me to revise from, and we great to look at just before I went into the exam. I hope they help you!

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My little list of cool French stuff to use:
o J'etais donné I was given
o J'ai été joué
Present Participles
o `Nous' form of verb without `nous' or ons' ending (basically `nous' stem) + `ant'
o Use with `en' etc or as an adjective
Je suis tombé, en faisant du ski
Quand chantant, j'etais malade.
Les hommes touchants (must agree with the noun it relates to !)
o FUTURE stem + IMPERFECT endings : ais, ais ait, ions, iez, aient
J'irais ­ i would go
o IMPERFECT of auxilary (avoir/etre) + PAST PARTICIPLE
J'etais devenu - I had become
J'avais mangé - I had eaten
Je m'etais réveillé ­ I had woken up
Apres avoir + past participle
o After eating, I went home...
Avant de + infinitive
o Before eating, I went to the cinema...
o Me, te, le/la, nous, vous, les: Je la frappe ­ I hit her
o Me, te lui, nous, vous, leur : Je leur donne ­ I give her/him
o Y : Il y va ­ I go (to) there
o En: J'en ai besoin ­ I have need of them
o PAST: Pronoun before participle ­ NOT auxiliary: Je suis y allé
o Preposition + Moi, toi, lui, elle, soi, nous, vous, eux, elles :
Je bavarde avec eux
Venir de + infintive
o Conjugate venir (obv.)
Good verbs...
o Sourir ­ to smile
o Voler ­ to steal
o Conduire ­ to drive (takes avoir: pastp ­ condruit; pp - conduissant
o Mettre ­ to put (takes avoir)
o Trouver ­ to find
o Perdre ­ to lose
o Monter ­ to board, get on etc...
o S'écraser ­ to crash (takes etre obv.)
o Frapper ­ to hit
o Donner ­ to give
o Recevoir ­ receive
o Voyager ­ to travel
o Apprendre ­ to learn
o Étudier ­ to study


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