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Prepositional Verb List

No preposition
adorer to adore
aimer to like
aller to go, to be going to
apercevoir to perceive
approuver to approve of
attendre to wait for
chercher to look for
compter to expect, intend
croire to think
demander to ask for
descendre to go down(stairs)
désirer to…

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sentir to feel, to smell (of)
soigner to take care of
souhaiter to wish
subir to be subjected to
voir to see
vouloir to want
venir (dîner, aider) to come (for dinner, to help)

aider à to help to
s'amuser à + infinitive to amuse oneself ___ing
apprendre à…

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hésiter à to hesitate to
interdire à to forbid
interdire à qqun de faire qqch to forbid so to do st
s'intéresser à to be interested in
inviter (qqun) à to invite (so) to
jeter (qqch) à to throw (st) to
jouer à to play (a game or a sport)…

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s'approcher de to approach
(s')arrêter de to stop ___ing
avoir peur de to be afraid of ___ing
cesser de to stop, cease ___ing
changer de (train) to change (trains)
choisir de to choose to
conseiller de to advise to
se contenter de to be happy ___ing
continuer à / de…

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proposer de to suggest ___ing
refuser de to refuse to
regretter de to regret ___ing
remercier de to thank for ___ing
se rendre compte de to realize
rire de to laugh at
risquer de to risk ___ing
se servir de to make use of
se soucier de to care about…

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régner sur to reign over
rejeter une faute sur qqun to place the blame on someone
rester sur la défensive to stay on the defensive
rester sur ses gardes to keep one's guard up
revenir sur (un sujet) to go back over (a topic)
sauter sur une occasion to jump…

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craindre pour (sa vie) to fear for (one's life)
creuser pour to dig for
être pour to be in favor of
laisser pour (mort) to leave for (dead)
parler pour to speak on behalf of
partir pour to leave for/be off to
payer pour (qqun) to pay for (someone)

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