french vocab on education and work

french vocab on education and work

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Vocabulary for Theme 2: Education, Training and Employment
School subjects
allemand (m.) German
anglais (m.) English
chimie (f.) chemistry
dessin (m.) art
devoirs ( homework
E.M.T. (f.) technology
E.P.S. (f.) PE
espagnol (m.) Spanish
géographie (f.) geography
histoire (f.) history
italien (m.) Italian
langue (f.) language
maths ( maths
matière (f.) subject
musique (f.) music
sciences naturelles ( natural science
Places in school
bâtiment (m.) building
bureau (m.) office
cantine (f.) canteen
court de tennis (m.) tennis court
gymnase (m.) gymnasium
laboratoire (m.) laboratory
salle de classe (f.) classroom
salle de musique (f.) music room
salle des professeurs (f.) staff room
terrain de sport (m.) sports pitch
School materials
bic (m.) biro
cahier (m.) exercise book
calculatrice (f.) calculator
cartable (m.) school bag
classeur (m.) file
clavier (m.) keyboard
disquette (f.) disk
écran (m.) screen
gomme (f.) rubber
livre (m.) book
magnétophone (m.) tape recorder
magnétoscope (m.) video recorder
ordinateur (m.) computer
papier (m.) paper
règle (f.) ruler
sac à dos (m.) rucksack
stylo (m.) pen
tableau (m.) whiteboard
taille-crayon (m.) pencil sharpener
trousse (f.) pencil case

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General school
apprentissage (m.) apprenticeship
baccalauréat (m.) exam equivalent of
collège (m.) school (11-15 yrs)
cours (m.) lesson
déjeuner (m.) lunch
diplôme (m.) diploma, certificate,
école maternelle (f.) nursery school
école primaire (f.) primary school
élève (m., f.) pupil
emploi du temps (m.) timetable
enseignement (m.) teaching
étudiant (m.) student
faute (f.) mistake, error
formation (f.) training, education
leçon (f.) lesson
licence (f.) degree
lycée (m.) school (15-18 yrs)
pause de midi (f.) lunchtime
programme (m.) syllabus
progrès (m.) progress
projet (m.…read more

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énieur (m.) engineer
instituteur (m.) primary school teacher
institutrice (f.) primary school teacher
maçon (m.) bricklayer, builder
mécanicien (m.) mechanic
médecin (m.) doctor
moniteur (m.) instructor
monitrice (f.) instructor
ouvrier (m.) worker
patron (m.) boss
plombier (m.) plumber
professeur (m., f.) teacher
serveur (m.) waiter
serveuse (f.) waitress
stagiaire (m., f.) trainee
surveillant (m.) supervisor
vendeur (m.) salesman
vendeuse (f.) saleswoman
chaussettes ( socks
chaussures ( shoes
chemise (f.) shirt
cravate (f.) tie
jupe (f.) skirt
pantalon (m.) trousers
pull (m.) jumper
veste (f.…read more

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éunion (f.) meeting
salaire (m.) salary
travail (m.…read more

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aider to help
appeler to call
apprendre to learn
bavarder to chat
chercher to look for, search
classer to file
commencer to begin
conseiller to advise
dessiner to draw
discuter to discuss, argue
durer to last
envoyer to send
étudier to study
expliquer to explain
faire un stage to do work experience
finir to finish
gagner to earn, win
imprimer to print
oublier to forget
payer to pay (for)
perdre to lose, miss
permettre to allow
poser sa candidature to apply
répéter to repeat…read more



A very clearly laid out Word document with some very useful vocabulary on School and Work as well as useful verbs, adjectives and opinions. Great for referring to when practising writing skills.

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