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The Imperfect Tense

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How to Form the Imperfect Tense
First of all, you take the nous form of the present
tense. Then you remove the ­ONS and add the
correct ending.
(This is a little confusing so the next slide has an example which will hopefully clear up any confusion)
Here are the endings: Je __AIS
Tu __AIS
Il/Elle/On __AIT
Nous __IONS
Vous __IEZ
Ils/Elles __AIENT…read more

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For example, JOUER (to play) is JOUONS in the
present tense nous form. SO, you remove the ­ONS,
which leaves you with JOU, and add the correct ending
according to whether it's `I', `you', `he/she' etc, which
Je jouais (I was playing)
Tu jouais (You were playing)
Il/Elle/On jouait (He/She/One was playing)
Nous jouions (We were playing)
Vous jouiez (You were playing)
Ils/Elles jouaient (They were playing)…read more

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Most verbs which are irregular in other tenses are
actually regular in the imperfect tense. The exception
being with ÊTRE.
The stem for ÊTRE in the imperfect tense is simply ÉT-
For example,
Il/Elle/On était…read more

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How things used to be...
The imperfect tense is also used to say how things
used to be. So, for example...
J'allais à l'école tous les jours quand j'étais plus jeune.
I used to go to school everyday when I was younger.…read more


gaelle tregoning


Very clear presentation. Thanks for sharing!



This is a really clear, well laid out presentation that goes through the steps needed to form the imperfect tense. It also gives some useful examples to clarify. If you are confused in anyway about the imperfect, use this.

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