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The Imperfect Tense…read more

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Describes an event in progress in the past. Neither
the beginning or end of the action is relevant ­
provides background info to a storyline.
Used in descriptions of the past
Used to express a habit or repetition in the past
Imperfect + depuis describes an action that started in
the past but is still ongoing.
Used commonly in written & spoken French…read more

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The imperfect stem is obtained from the 1st
person plural in present:
· E.g. Nous avons > minus ons > av
Regular endings:
· Je ­ ais
· Tu ­ ais
· Il/elle/on ­ ait
· Nous ­ ions
· Vous ­ iez
· Ils/elles - aient…read more

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Stems ending in c become ç before an a
· E.g. Reccomençait
Stems ending in g become ge before an a
· E.g. Mangeaient…read more


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