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Free will and Determinism Key Words

Free will ­ the Bible ­ Genesis ­ Adam and Eve. Aquinas stated that they were free because God
created them with free will; "man chose not of necessity but freely"

Childhood has an impact on actions in the future. Prior causes…

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Conditioned dogs to salivate (as if they were about to be fed) when they heard the sound of a bell.
Known as classical conditioning. By manipulating the environment, people's behaviour can be altered

There is always something that compels us both externally and internally to perform an action that…

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The belief that determinism is true in many aspects, but we are still morally responsible for our

Isaac Newton
The universe is governed by immutable laws of nature such as motion and gravitation. The world is
seen as a mechanism dominated by the law of predictable cause and effect…


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