Free will and determinismETHICS PRINTED

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key words

Hard determinism- Everything we do is already determined for us

Soft determinism- We have some degree of contol over our actions 

Libertarianism- (free will) We have the freedom to make choices that will effect our lives

Predestination- God has already decided who is and who isn't going to heaven

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Locke, Augustine and Calvin


  • We have an illusion of freedom but our lives are really just determined for us
  • The analogy of a man locked in a room. He believes he can enter and exit as he pleases and so chooses to stay in the room but in reality he has no choice.


  • Humanity is a lump of sin 'una massa peccati' due to the stain of original sin
  • Unless a human was chosen by God and pre-destined to go to heaven, then there is no way that they can achieve salvation 


  • Humans are quick to sin and believed in predestination, calling the chosen ones the 'elect' and the condemned ones the 'retrobates'
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Pelagius and Arminius


  • Irish monk
  • God was good so he couoldn't have made people destined to go to hell before they even lived their lives.
  • God has given us the freedom to choose between right and wrong 


  • Dutch theologian
  • We can still earn the right to get into heaven despite being tainted by sin  (partial depravity)
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