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Walton "One man's life or death were but a small price to pay for Walton's eagerness for discovery
the acquirement of the knowledge which I sought" and knowledge parallels that of
Victors, showing just how far they
are both willing to go as "life or
death" are "a…

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spectators by the imagination of the enormity she was
supposed to have committed"
Victor "Justine was the most grateful little creature in the world" Ew
Victor "During the whole wretched mockery of justice I suffered Yet he didn't try to stop it or take
living torture" responsibility the little fucktrumpet.…

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The Creature "I had admired the perfect forms of my cottagers their Except they aren't actually as nice as
grace, beauty, and delicate complexions " they look
The Creature "At first I started back, unable to believe that it was indeed Just as the Creature bases his
I who was…


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