Frank Foley

an orbituary on Frank Foley.

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Frank Foley
He was born in 1884 and lived until 1958, he worked in Berlin from
1920 until 1939 helping Jews escape Germany and saving thousands
of lives.
Frank Foley was an MI6 agent based at the British embassy in Berlin
in the 1930s , from the moment that Hitler came to power Foley
was well aware of the fate that lay ahead of Jews in Germany. He
was positioned at a passport control office as a cover to his real
position, therefore he was in a position to help Jews escape Nazi
Germany, and he did this by not following rules for issuing visas and
getting false papers. He also hid Jews in his own home to protect
However Foley's Heroism often went unknown because he
was in a position where the people he helped often didn't know
who he was, However Foley was a modest man and this didn't
matter to him.

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He had a plaque put up in 2004 to celebrate the amazing life that
he lived.…read more


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