Formal Letter Openings and Endings

This task gives letter starts and ending to letters, you have to fill in the rest of the letter.

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English Language Work 30/04/12
Exercise 2: Formal Letter Opening and Endings
Grade Studio A* Answer
Write the Opening for a Response to the Task: `Write a Letter to the Prime Minister
to Ask Him What He is Doing in Response to Pollution'
M. Brown
54 Hillcrest rd.
The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
10 Downing Street
United Kingdom
Dear Mr Cameron
I am writing to you to express my disappointment over the apparent neglect of our world. I
am of course, talking about pollution. Every day over 34 tonnes of dangerous emissions are released
into the atmosphere and slowly, the human race is killing its own world. What I want to know, is what
are you and the British government doing to combat the pollution?
Write the Ending for a Response to the Following Task: `Write a letter to your local
councillor telling them why you think the school fields in our area should be saved,
not sold.'
So, to conclude, I believe that our school fields should definitely be saved. They are an
amazing resource for the children of today, and tomorrow, and a valuable asset for schools in the
future. Stop trying to save money, and instead save our fields!
Yours Faithfully
M. Brown
Write the Ending of a response to the Following Task: `Write a Letter to Your
Newspaper Regarding the plans for the Removal of the By-Law "Under the Dogs
(Fouling of Land) Act 1996, anyone letting a dog in their charge to foul any public
access area is committing an offence and will be issued with a fixed penalty of £50.
If this is not paid, you could face a fine of up to £1,000.". You may be either for or
against the removal of the by-law'
So to round off, I think this is one massive step back in time. This by-law has been in place
since 1996 and you want to eradicate it?! It's a bad decision, and hopefully not one you'll follow
through with. We wouldn't defecate on the streets, so why should we let our pets? I urge and beg
you to reconsider.
Yours Sincerely
M. Brown


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