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Fertilisation in mammals
Any Foreign Chicken Might Fly
ertilisation…read more

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Acrosome Reaction
· Acrosome releases digestive enzymes
when sperm head meets Zona Pellucida
of egg
· Enzymes digest channel for sperm to
burrow through…read more

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Membranes Fuse
· Membrane of sperm and egg fuse
enabling haploid nucleus from sperm to
enter cytoplasm of egg cell…read more

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Egg Cell Response (Cortical
· Special ventricles (cortical granules) move
towards and fuse with membrane.
· They release contents (through
exocytosis) ­ causes changes in surface
layers of egg that stop other sperm from
entering…read more

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Meiosis restarted
· Presence of sperm nucleus in cytoplasm
causes 2nd division of meiosis to occur…read more

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· Chromosomes from haploid sperm
nucleus + from haploid egg nucleus
combine to restore full number of
chromosomes (diploid)…read more


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