Reproductive strategies

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  • Reproductive strategies
    • Gametes are shed in water  and fertilisation is external
    • Heavy waste of gametes which fail to fuse 
    • Embryo is entirely dependent on yolk supply for its development 
    • Many hazards – predation etc, - large waste of embryos 
    • Finding suitable conditions for development is a completely random process 
    • Terrestrial mammals have internal fertilisation 
    • Placing of gametes/female gametes not shed 
    • Greater certainty of fertilisation. 
    • Number of eggs has been much reduced 
    • Internally developing embryo not dependent solely on yolk / importance of placenta 
    • High level of protection from external hazards during development 
    • In general more time / energy / resources devoted to fewer offspring 
    • Contact between parent and offspring; parental care 
    • provision of dens/ burrows/ herding/ protection from predation etc 


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