What are fermeters and how they work?

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Fermentation is any largescale cultivation of microbes or other single cells, occurring with or
without air. "Breaking down into simpler components". Fermentation makes the foods easier to
digest and the nutrients easier to assimilate.
Fermentation is demonstrated in large vessels, called
For example, in order to get a product from
fermentation, fermentation scientists develop media and
test growth conditions. Then, a scaleup must be done to
reproduce the process at a large volume. During
production, technicians monitor temperature, pH, and
growth in the bioreactors to ensure that conditions are
optimum for cell growth and product. Bioreactors are
used to make products such as insulin and human growth
hormone from genetically engineered microorganisms as
well as products from naturallyoccurring cells, such as
the food additive xanthan.


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