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-Critical of family,
believe it oppresses
-Gender equality is not
natural or inevitable
but something created
by society.…read more

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· Take a conflict view
· Society benefits men at
women's expense
· All institutions help
maintain women's
subordinate position…read more

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Types of Feminism:
· Liberal Feminism
· Marxist Feminism
· Radical Feminism
· Difference Feminism…read more

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Liberal Feminists
We believe women's oppression
is being overcome through
changing peoples attitudes and
changes in the law.…read more

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What is our ideal family?
· View similar to `March of Progress'
· Symmetrical ­ equal roles.
· Gender equality has not yet been
achieved in family, although it is getting
· Gradual Process…read more

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What policies do they support?
· Breaking the glass ceiling:
­ Equal Opportunities Act
­ Sex Discrimination Act
· More women into politics:
­ Equal Representation Rules
­ Financial Support
· Sharing parenting duties and subsidising
child care…read more

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