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Feminist Perspectives on the Family
Feminists take a critical view of the family as they argue that is oppresses women. Feminists focus on
issues such as the unequal division of domestic labour and domestic violence against women. They do
not regard gender inequality as natural or inevitable, but as something…

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Marxist feminists see the oppression of women in the family as being linked to the
exploitation of the working class.
They argue that the family must be abolished at the same time as a socialist revolution
replaces capitalism with a classless society.

Radical Feminism
Radical feminist argue that all societies…

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Women still face a greater risk of domestic violence as well as sexual assault, low pay and so
on when compared with men.

Criticisms of perspectives on the family
Sociologists argue that Functionalist, Marxist and Feminist theories of the family all:

1. Assume that the traditional family is the dominant…


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