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Farming and agriculture
The farming system
Inputs (physical)
Precipitation Temperature Relief

Soils and drainage Length of growing season

Inputs (human/economic)

Income Farm buildings Energy/electricity

Rent Transport costs Fertiliser and pesticide

Seeds Machinery Work force



Storage Farming methods Growing crops

Rearing animals


Expenditure Products for sale Crops


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Farming and agriculture
Intensive Extensive
Large labour force and/or large input of Large land area with relatively low capital
capital (relative to land being worked) input and a small work force

Subsistence Commercial
Food growth primarily for personal Food growth primarily for profit to be sold
consumption with little -…

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Farming and agriculture
High-yield varieties- India
= seeds from crops that have been specially bred to more than double usual yield of crop

- Monsoon season = 80% of rain so short growing season (<50mm between November and April)
- Bengal famine of 1943, second famine in 1965 (1.5…

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Farming and agriculture
- GMOs (GM organisms) are arguably unsafe- theyve been linked to 1000s of toxic and allergenic
reactions, and 1000s of sick, sterile and dead livestock as well as damage to almost all organs and
systems studied in lab animals

- Biggest GM corporation- has patented most…

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Farming and agriculture
- All EU taxpayers pay same amount though money spread unevenly between countries (70% of
funds go to 20% of EUs farms)
- Led to overproduction in late 1980s and early 1990s (e.g. Of beef and butter)
- For these reasons reforms were introduced

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