Chilean Volcano

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  • Chilean Volcano
    • Effects of 2008 eruption
      • 5,000 people had to evacuate Chaiten
      • Cars, streets, and houses were coated with 15cm of ash
      • Airports up to 2500km away had to close due to the ash cloud
      • Ash contaminated water supplies
      • Very low number of casualties
      • 90% of Chaiten was flooded
      • Many farm animals were killed from suffocating in the ash, seriously affecting the agriculture of Chile
    • Aid
      • Long term
        • A new programme to improve monitoring and hazard mitigation of Chile's volcanoes started
      • Short term
        • Face masks and fresh water were distributed
        • The government issued a monthly disaster stipend of $1200 per family
        • Financial aid to small businesses was granted


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