History notes on Germany -specifically on the Weimar goverment and the weaknesses assosiated with it. :)

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The Weimar Goverment

The Weimar goverment was formed in Weimar hence the name. It was a coalition of parties and so it was not as successful as the Kaiser Germany. This infuriated many people and also the stark comparision between the two goverment further more highlighted the weaknesses present in the Weimar goverment. The fact that it was a coalition meant that is was made up of small parties and it was not very successful because you had the extremes of both sides (extreme rights and extreme left) who have totally different views and who can never come to an agreement. I mean how can they- one side (left side, the comunists) think that war is bad as it does not mean anything to the working class, where as the right wing political parties feel that war is a good things because it deffrentaits between the weaker and the stronger.

The Weimar goverment was designed by a top lawyer "Preuss".

The goverment's first president was called Ebert, he delayed on paying war reperation sto France in 1923 and as a result der Ruhr invasion happened, this was where the French and the Belgium tropps marched into the Rhineland and took goods instead of the intended money. This then led to passive resistance…




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