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  • Hitler
    • Political Views
      • Opinion on Jews
        • Germany believed that all Jews just take their food
      • Wanted to wipe out all the Jews
      • Public speaking drew other people to Hitler's views
        • Due to him doing so many public speeches and other people were talking about him - his fame grew.
      • Hitler was very passion about his views
      • He was very passionate about his views
      • He expected everyone in Germany to be nationalists.
        • If someone was not a nationalist then he would force them to be one.
      • Hitler wanted to get his own way.
        • With his first public speech, people thought he was a joke and didn't listen much/pay attention. This aggravated Hitler leading him to make sure people listened to him
    • Him as a person
      • He was very ambitious
        • Is that good or bad? It can be seen both ways - it can be good because it shows because he wants to achieve but it ca also be quite bead because his ambitions and ideas can go over board
      • He always has to be at the top.
        • Is it good or bad? It can be good because, yet again, it shows he wants to achieve and it shows his trait of ambition but at the same time he never knew that he didn't always have to be at the top.
      • He became chancellor
        • With his demand of not being vice-chancellor and not want to be 3rd best, his persistent demand made him chancellor instead of vice-chancellor
      • On the 30th April 1945 Hitler killed himself in Berlin
      • He was actually Austrian not German
      • It was rumored that he had family members who were Jews.
    • Early life
      • Family
        • His farther abused him as a child
        • His mother died of breast cancer when he was in university
      • People thought that he was a Jew when he was about twenty
      • He came a low life family but he managed to work with his ambition to get where he was
    • At war
      • He didn't like the fact that Germany surrendered
      • Firstly he wanted the Jews out of Germany not to kill the Jews.
    • Beliefs
      • He was a Christian
      • At a young age he was saying how he was going to be famous
      • All Jews should be out of Germany because all they do is take their food
    • Fame
      • He wrote a book whilst in prison called: Mind Camp
      • He became chancellor
      • He started to get famous, like he dreamed in his early life
      • He wanted to show off and that made people know him even more and that would impress them


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