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Module 3: Respiration

(a) Outline why plants, animals and microorganisms need to respire, with reference to
active transport and metabolic reactions

Organisms need to respire in order to make ATP, a molecule that carries energy. Metabolic
processes need ATP in order to occur. The materials necessary to make ATP is…

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(h) Explain, with the aid of diagrams and electron micrographs, how the structure of
mitochondria enables them to carry out their functions

The mitochondrion has many cristae that make the surface area
to volume ration bigger.
The matrix has many ribosomes necessary to synthesise proteins
such as enzymes needed for…

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build-up of pH gradient and electrochemical gradient. The H+ ions cannot move via the membrane
therefore has to use the ATP synthase.

(p) State that oxygen is the final electron acceptor in aerobic respiration

Oxygen is the last electron acceptor in respiration. Oxygen binds with H+ ions and electrons to…

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