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Explore the ways in which CW is presented & developed in `Of Mice and Men'
How does Steinbeck describe Curley's wife at different points in the novel and how do these descriptions
shape our feeling of her?
Page 53 - Curley's Wife is first described `She had full, rouged lips…

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The men also blame women for STIs. "There's guys around here walkin' bow-legged `cause they like to look at a
kewie doll lamp". This links back to when George asks whether she's caused trouble and earlier on in the book Candy
blames her for Curley's meanness. The men see women…

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Candy's final judgement of Curley's wife is that she was a `tramp' and `tart'. How do you think Steinbeck wants
us to feel about her at the end and what has he done to make us feel this way?
Page 126- `Curley's wife moved away from him a little. "I…


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